georeferencing map Golden Software Surfer

  You can import a georeferenced image as a base map and the image will be imported in the correct real world XY coordinates. If the image is not currently georeferenced (i.e a scanned image or other non-georeferenced image), you can still load it as a base map with the Map | New | Base Map option. As long as the edges of the map are parallel with the axes (not rotated), you can recalibrate the image to use real world map coordinates. After you load the image as a base map, click on Base in the Object Manager to display the Map: Base properties in the Property Manager. On the General tab, the Image Coordinates section contains edit boxes for the X and Y minimum and maximum coordinates. Enter the correct real world coordinates for the lower left and upper right corners of the map. An image base map must be georeferenced to combine it with other map types correctly.
  1. Add map to be georeferenced, then click on map to select it. in Property manager click on General as shown in the image below.

    2. Find xMin, xMax, yMin and yMax of your map 

    3. After entering the coordonnate system, click on Save → a popout appers where you can ajust the size and color of your map, the pirures below show you this process.

Step 2

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