“Spatial Techniques for Soil Erosion Estimation—Remote Sensing and GIS Approach.” Soil erosion has been one of the main concerns of the developing world because of the increasing demographic pressure on natural resources and the threat of the erosional processes to these resources. This work is a significant contribution to the ongoing research on quantifying the rates of soil erosion. The use of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems in distributed soil erosion modeling is a real advancement in this field. Although this thesis discusses all the basic approaches and some ongoing research to identify the extent of soil erosion, the major contribution of this work is the use of C++ programming in processing and analyzing the Digital Elevation Model (DEM). It provides valuable information on the erosional and depositional features of the area based on the topographic input. It makes this work different and in some sense a unique piece of research over the traditional analysis of soil erosion. The study was conducted in the Shakkar River watershed which has a long historical background and where the effect of fluvial processes on the formation and degradation of the landscape can be carefully observed. I hope the readers/ researchers will find this work interesting and unique and may get some new ideas to put forth. I wish the author all the success in getting his thesis work published and wish him best of luck in his future endeavor.

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