Had you a worse year , 10 people make it worste more than you waaaaayy to much

You had a bad 2019? Just think well... 

1-Hey instead of you didn't become the newly discovered member of the Simpson family:

2- Or you didn't take the most useless uber ride :

3- And, hey, at least your roof isn't 50% legs:

4- Or you didn't find out  a new sensitivity:

5 - Or just this didn't happen out  a new to your head:

6 - long trip on the airplane out  a new on this position eyyw :

7- Or in the worst parking out  a new possible area:

8- or where your bad luck person and this happen to you:

9- Hey you're not joe turo , i think out  a new your in the bright side due:

10- or your job interview ends out  a new like this , so bad:

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