How Sygic navigation solutions use TomTom map and traffic - data to show drivers the way


When it comes to delivering map and traffic data, what is a great collaboration built on? We sat down with leading navigation provider Sygic to discuss their partnership with TomTom.

Who is Sygic? Where did the company get its start?

Since 2004, Sygic has been disrupting the navigation market through its vision, passion and never-ending hunger for innovation. We started from scratch as a small business of a few talented individuals developing a platform-independent navigation app for operating systems: Symbian, Linux and Windows Mobile. Our real breakthrough came with the release of the first Apple iPhone. Sygic GPS Navigation was the first navigation solution on that platform and quickly became a hit, thanks to its accurate routing algorithms, fresh user interface and ease of use.
But we didn’t stop there. It’s simply not in our DNA. Our initial success made us work that much harder. Sygic was among the first navigation solutions for Android and in 2014 we were the first to support the innovative MirrorLink smartphone through in-dash connectivity. Currently, Sygic is the only company that supports all standards, including Apple CarPlay and Smart Device Link (SDL).
Thanks to hard work, persistence and passion, today we are trusted by more than 200 million casual drivers, two million truck drivers and 2,000 fleets in almost every country around the world. Over 15 years our clients have driven over 400 billion kilometers with us.

Sygic’s navigation solutions use TomTom map and traffic data.

In conversation with Sygic

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Erika Gogh, Procurement Specialist, Martin Hornacek, Head of Maps, Michaela Beladicova, Marcom Specialist, and Marek Lelovic, Global PR and Brand Communication Manager to learn why Sygic uses TomTom map and traffic data to power their navigation solutions. Read our conversation below.

What products do you offer? 

Sygic proudly challenges the entire navigation market by employing innovative solutions and technologies like: Head-Up Display, Predictive Routing, Real-View Navigation (also known as augmented reality) and Traffic Lights Countdown Timer, awarded the Top Innovation by Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

What were the most important factors in deciding on the use of TomTom map and traffic data? 

We selected TomTom as our map and traffic data provider because the company was more open to exploring new business models, giving us the opportunity to cooperate with them and to grow. We also find TomTom technology to be first-rate in scope, depth and accuracy.
TomTom is our trusted partner, helping us to leverage our strengths and fully supporting our innovation journey.

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