Field Methods in Remote Sensing

 Field Methods in Remote Sensing

Practitioners of remote sensing will at some point need to learn how to obtain field data suitable for the various needs of their projects. Effective field data are best obtained through thoughtful planning, thorough knowledge of valid sampling techniques, accurate location-finding proce- dures, and reliable field measurements. Unfortunately for the beginner, few remote sensing research reports provide thorough accounts of the methods that were followed in the field. Instead, they concentrate on laboratory procedures such as data correction and processing. However, the methods of measuring field data have as much influence on the reliability of the final product as do laboratory procedures.

Field procedures are important and should always be included in final reports as a service to readers who would like to validate, replicate, or educate.
The purpose of this book on field procedures is to ease the way for the person who has a background in the fundamentals of remote sensing and labo-
ratory methods but little practical knowledge of the field methods that may be needed for remote sensing projects. The readers I am envisioning include the following: students with some background in the fundamentals of remote sensing and image data processing who want to begin a project requiring field
work; professionals with government agencies who may have field skills but need guidance applying them appropriately to remote sensing; and teachers who want to supplement a remote sensing course with a project requiring field work but whose field experience is limited or rusty.

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