Geology for Dummies 2nd Edition

 Geology for dummies 2nd edition


Geology is the study of the earth. By default this means that geology is a vast, complex, and intricate topic. But “vast, intricate, and complex” does not necessarily mean difficult. Many folks interested in geology just don’t know where to start. Minerals? Rocks? Glaciers? Volcanoes? Fossils? Earthquakes?

The sheer number of topics covered under the heading “geology” can be overwhelming.

Enter Geology For Dummies! The goal of this book is to break through the overwhelming array of geology information and provide a quick reference for key concepts in the study of the earth.

My hope is that you find this book both interesting and useful, whether you’ve purchased it to accompany a course you’re taking in school or to help you find answers to questions you have about the planet you live on.

About This Book

In Geology For Dummies, you can start anywhere. This book is written as an introduction to the most common topics in geology. Follow your interest from one topic to the next, or start at the beginning and read the chapters in order. I wrote the book in a style that allows you to open to any page and learn something. But if you want to start at the beginning, you’re introduced to the concepts in a logical and structured order that (I hope!) answers your questions almost as soon as you ask them. Throughout the book you find cross-references to other chapters. I use them because it’s impossible to explore one topic in geology without touching on many others. The multiple cross-references weave together the different parts of geologic study into a complex whole. Wherever possible, I include illustrations to accompany my explanations. Geology is all around you, so while you are busy reading this book and examining the illustrations, I encourage you to also look around and find real-world examples of the processes and features I describe. To this end, I have also included a color photo section in the middle of the book featuring vivid images that help bring the subject matter to life.

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