Image Processing for Remote Sensing

 Image Processing forRemote Sensing

This volume is a spin-off edition derived from Signal and Image Processing for Remote Sensing. It presents more advanced topics of image processing in remote sensing than similar books in the area. The topics of image modeling, statistical image classifiers, change detection, independent component analysis, vertex component analysis, image fusion for better classification or segmentation, 2-D time series modeling, neural networkclassifications, etc. are examined in this volume. Some unique topics like accuracy assessment and information-theoretic measure of multiband images are presented. An emphasis is placed on the issues with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images in manychapters. Continued development on imaging sensors always presents new opportunities and challenges on image processing for remote sensing. The hyperspectral imagingsensor is a good example here. We believe this volume not only presents the most up-to-date developments of image processing for remote sensing but also suggests to readers the many challenging problems ahead for further study.

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