Atlas of Structural Geology second edition

 Atlas of Structural Geology

Preface to the Second Edition

Despite structural geology getting superspecialized in several (interdisciplinary) branches, the identification of structures from the field and under optical microscopes remains one of the most fundamental exercises. The first edition of this book was highly appreciated worldwide and found great use among researchers, instructors, and students. The book received an honorable mention in the Prose Award 2018. Further, the book was referred to in the syllabus of Toronto University’s
structural geology course.
About 145 new figures and captions have been included in this edition. A few references have been updated. Like the previous edition, one can observe that the style and the amount of writing of the different captions are nonuniform. This is because many authors contributed and their style of writing are almost always kept intact. Second, the book does not give morphological detail of all the structures, but attempts to do so as much as possible.
How to use this book: Obviously, this book is not a “textbook” of structural geology. (1) Before visiting their structural geological fieldwork, students can have a look at the images to train their eyes. (2) While teaching standard textbooks in class, such as those by M.P. Billings or H. Fossen, instructors can display structural geological photographs from this book.
In this way, this book can act as a good supplement. (3) Modelers can look for the diversity of morphologies of the same structures, and simulate them (e.g., Gogoi et al., 2017, in press).
Our lab has already produced several structural atlases (Mukherjee 2013, 2014, 2015), and hope to serve the common purpose. I look forward to receiving comments on the interpretation of the structures presented here. Cite this book as:
Mukherjee S. 2020. Atlas of Structural Geology. Second Edition. Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0-12-816802-8.
Cite contribution as: Bose N, Mukherjee S. 2020. Rectangular boudinaged quartz veins in calc-schist. In: Mukherjee, S. (Ed) Atlas of Structural Geology. Second Edition. Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0-12-816802-8.

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